Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My New Story "The Moon Colony Inspection" Now on Amazon

My new story "The Moon Colony Inspection" is now available on Amazon.


After a close call with another spaceship during his flight, the inspector arrives at the Moon Colony. All seems in good order until a mysterious illness breaks out among the colonists. Did the inspector bring a germ with him? The malady threatens to wipe out the colony as the robots begin to bury the dead. Can the doctor identify the problem before it's too late? This work is about 8,000 words in length. 

I'll have it up on iTunes and Barnes & Noble shortly.

I'm working on a few other things that should see the light of day soon:

Novels: Drone Fever, Attack of the Manikins, The Elevator
Nonfiction: Mysterious death of a spy
Short Stories: The Lighthouse (horror), The Rebel Plot (dystopian), Fracture (dystopian)
Anthology: Top 50 classic short stories ranked

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