Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My New Novel: Nightmare in the Washington DC Subway


Washington DC
Thousands of passengers travel through the Metro subway system every day. No one really expects anything to go wrong.
Terror Attack
Islamists from the world’s most prominent terror group assault a passenger train. We know what they want. Fear. Blood. Death. 
The police are on the way. In the meantime, the unlucky passengers in the target train will be the victims of the sadistic terrorists.
Haley Presten
The narrator Haley Presten recounts his actions as the only person on the train in a position to save lives until the police arrive.
Haley Presten receives some unexpected help from those he never imagined.
The Blame Game
The Metro Director and local politicians exchange blame for security lapses.
A supernatural horror thriller with political ramifications from today's shocking headlines! A scenario we all fear: terror in our subways! If Edgar Allan Poe were alive today, he would have written something like this.

Just in time for Halloween! A blockbuster novel with horror, supernatural, and political themes "ripped from the headlines."

Amazon Kindle link is HERE.

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