Saturday, October 29, 2016

Press Release for My Novel: Nightmare in the Washington DC Subway

Press Release for Stephen Leary’s Novel Nightmare in the Washington DC Subway

Oct. 29, 2016

Thousands of passengers travel through the Washington DC Metro system every day, not really expecting anything exciting to transpire on their way to work. But a terrorist attack is always within the realm of possibility.

A new novel by author Stephen Leary explores the vulnerability and inevitability of terror on the mass transit system in the nation’s capital.

Nightmare in the Washington DC Subway is the story of a band of terrorists, on orders from their masters back in the Middle East, who hijack a subway train and proceed to torture and kill the passengers, creating fear and horror throughout Washington DC and the entire United States.

Experienced in the national security industry, Leary crafts a tale combining terror, horror, the supernatural, and politics. “My plan was to write a cautionary novel about an attack on mass transit, which millions of citizens rely on every day,” he said. “I want people to think about what they would do if it happened to them.”

Experts consider mass transit especially vulnerable to terrorism due to factors such as multiple entry points, unsecured travel routes, and the impracticality of searching or inspecting each traveler. Many aspects of the novel are realistic, but Leary weaves ghosts and elements of the supernatural into his narrative. “Any book about terrorism is part horror story,” he said. “But I didn’t want the novel to be entirely true-to-life. I wanted fantasy as well. That’s why I brought in a few ghosts.”

Not forgotten by Leary is the political element, of which he is particularly critical. Stakeholders such as the local city government, the subway administration, Congress, and even the president take turns blaming others for security inadequacies and taking credit for safety precautions already in place.
“Protection of innocent life is not the number one priority,” Leary asserted. “I make that clear in my book. I’m seeing our leaders implementing only the necessary safety precautions but waiting for a crisis to happen before they get serious. We need to ramp up security before the next crisis, not after.”

Contrasted with the politicians and administrators, the local police come off as performing a tough job in arduous circumstances. “The DC police are the good guys,” he said. “They play a crucial role.”

The attack in Leary’s novel occurs in Washington DC, a prime terror target, but it could happen anyplace in the country, he said. “Every city is a vulnerable and filled with soft target for terrorists wanting to make a political statement to the world.”

The book Nightmare in the Washington DC Subway is available through Amazon kindle or in print format.

Stephen Leary is the author of Failed World Order, The Infinite Cafe, and Queen of the Chess Cult and Other Stories. He can be reached by email: mesmerini AT

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